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Our company’s Wire-drawing Plant went into production smoothly

时间:2014-07-07 13:50:00
  In order to ensure our company’s leading position among domestic wire-drawing enterprises with regard to production technology, our wire-drawing plant has imported a twin-wire rod breakdown machine from Niehoff GmbH Germany. The designed annual production volume is 50,000 metric tons advanced copper wires. This imported line has arrived in our site in succession from the end of May for installation and erection. Under the careful instruction of the overseas experts from Niehoff, the line went into production smoothly with the common efforts of our staff. The Environment Protection Bureau of Chuzhou City has approved our wire-drawing plant to do the trial production on July 4th,2014 after their on-site review. It is planned that this line will realize the output of 15,000 metric tons of advanced copper wires in the end of 2014, which will lay a firm foundation for the overall production of the first phase of our company’s 150,000 MT Annual Output Advanced Electromagnetic Wire Project.